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Define Your Offering

Don't get stuck in the trap of having way too many offerings, or, even worse letting your customers decide what they need. Keep it simple. This course will show you how we construct our offerings to make it easy for our salespeople and get the sale while charging more than our competitors.

Video Transcript

" A big challenge with salespeople today. And not to no fault of the salesperson. But they go in pitching a product to a customer that they don't know, is right for the customer. And what I mean by that, they do this in such a way of offering multiple products, expecting the client to decide for themselves. It's kind of delivered like this. Well, Mr. client, we have our Platinum offering. It runs $2,000 a month. But at that cost too much for you, we got a gold offering for 1500. And then if your budgets even lower, we have a silver one for 1000. And then you know what, we even have a lead version, we have a lead version for 500. And then we have an aluminum version for 350. And you guys get the picture. Now why this is a challenge as it confuses the client, because now you're asking him to make the decision on what they need. Not in a million years with a reputable doctor, give you three options for surgery and let you choose which one you want. So by positioning multiple offerings, thinking you're covering a spectrum of price entry points for this client, what you're actually doing, is letting him know that he needs to go ask somebody else to find out what's right for him. I'm sure you guys have heard the objection. Well, this looks good. I know we want to do something with you. We're just not sure what. So I'm gonna go ask my computer guru guy, neighbor, and see which ones we need. Basically, what he just said is he didn't give me the information I needed. So I'm gonna go ask somebody else. So let's get rid of all these different offerings. And let's have two offerings. We have a platinum and we have a plastic. Now ultimately, the Platinum is the right offering for people or companies that do not have it guys. The plastic is more of an offering for companies that already have an IT guy on staff or an IT department and it's built to be an extension of their departments. Okay, so even though we have two offerings in reality, depending on the, the makeup of the client, we're only going to pitch one and we're going to show why they need this one right here. And we're going to prove the perceived value of why they need it. That's our goal. "