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First Interaction - Closing the First Appointment

A prospect is interested. They've called you or you've called them and they want more information. They've asked for your rates or for you to come out and give them a quote. What happens next? How do you get them to the next step of the sales funnel?

Video Transcript

" So we spoke about sales process, we know how important sales process is. We've laid out the perfect sales process. But there's reality. Nothing ever goes as planned. We know what we're supposed to do we know what we're supposed to do next. We know what we're not supposed to do. But do we know what we need to prepare for in order to get to the next step? So let's talk about the first interaction. Let's talk about the first clothes that happens in the sales process. This is what you're going to be up against. There are challenges that this industry has created for us huge industry challenges that have made our prospects weary and put their guard up. Because they are used to dealing with people that don't give them what they need. So what happens is they like to control the conversation. They want to ask you the questions, they want to tell you what they need. They don't know what your sales process is, they don't know what your ultimate goal is. You're gonna run across the tail wagging the dog every single time. You're gonna run across the client saying, hello, how much does this cost? Tell me about your company. They're gonna want you to close on the first phone call. Because they don't want to go through everything else because they've tried it before and they were let down. So I asked you guys, think about your strategy. As it relates to what's going to happen every time somebody calls. I don't want you to hope they don't ask for that. I want you to assume they are always going to want to tell you how to sell them your product. And if you know that going in, it's not a surprise. Remember, guys, the only thing that's going to keep your prospect for moving down. The sales funnel or down the sales process is curiosity. You lose the Curiosity you lose the prospect "