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Sales Process Prerequisites

Before you set down the road of learning the ins and outs of the Sales Process, there's some things you need to know. There are certain skills that will make you a more successful salesperson. Master these, and closing the deal will become so much easier.

Video Transcript

" Let's talk about sales process. Now, besides the obvious having one, following one, and knowing what to do within your sales process is very, very important. I want to speak about the five clauses that are involved in this 10 step sales process. Now, first understand the sales process, just a quick review, we have our marketing message, which is also our first interaction, this is when they come into the sales process. Following that, we have the first appointment. Following that we need to research the client, we have to get the discovery. We have to perform the discovery. When we get back, we then have to create the presentation. We have to perform the presentation. And then we have to present the solution. And then and only then, can we ask for the money. So with that being said, and everything laid out, as that sales process is set up, there exists some closes along the way. And it's very important that you strategize on how to close on each one of these important steps. Because you cannot go from step one to step two without achieving something in step one. And it's very important that we know we can't skip around either. So let's talk about the first one. The first one happens when the prospect answers your marketing message. That's actually a win for marketing. And then it's up to you to make your first close, which is Who's calling? What's the name of their company? Can we get an email address, if anything at all, if it doesn't go any farther, we've added one more contact to our database. Now, with enough curiosity created, our goal here is to take that first interaction of them calling us or reaching out, in however it may be, is how are we going to get them to agree to a first appointment? That's the product we need to think about. Let's pretend the only thing we sell are appointments. Okay. So once on the appointment now that's, that's close number two. Now, once on the appointment, we need to think about what are we doing there. Now you guys know as well as I do, we cannot quote a managed service deal properly. unless we've had a chance to dig into their network, run a network assessment, talk to their people see exactly what it is that we're going to be supporting. Now, it's not like the old days, where people would just openly give you passwords and allow you to walk in and look at whatever they want to look at. So again, we have to strategize for clothes. Number three. Now clothes number three is closing on the Discovery or the network assessment, how do we get them to agree that we are credible enough to allow us to look at their network at an admin status. Okay, now close number four. It's one thing to get the discovery it's another thing to get the right people around the room to listen to what you found out. You guys know as well as I do presenting to anybody other than the owner and major influencers will not allow you to close on the deal. It also increases the chance of losing the deal future as well as extending sales cycles. So what's our strategy for clothes number four, presenting the solution in front of the right people. Okay, it's getting another date, and identifying what influencers as well as decision makers need to be in this meeting. And this is very important you understand? It's not just having the CEO there, or the owner there. He's got people who evaluate solutions. He may sign the check. But he doesn't make the ultimate evaluation decision if this is the right product for us. So close number four, do we have the right influencers and decision maker in the room? And guess what, now we are on the final close, closing on the price. This is when we ask for the deal. And when it's all said and done when presented properly, there should be three answers that we should get. Obviously the first one is we want to yes and a signature and a chat right. If we can't get that we need to close on another appointment, a follow up appointment. And if one of those two do not happen, a no is suitable. So quick review, first interaction, first appointment, discovery, close on the authority to buy in the room. And then the deal. You perfect those five closes you're going to mitigate the risk of losing the deal. "