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Creating Your Marketing Plan

Where do you start when it comes to Marketing? In order to avoid shotgun marketing, spending willy-nilly, or not ever getting a marketing program off the ground you need to create a clear Marketing plan. Spending time on this plan will save you hours of headache down the road.

Video Transcript

" How many leads should you be marketing to? I get this question all the time, I will turn it back on, well, what do you want your sales to be? So let's work it out this way, I want to close two deals per month. Now we need to reverse engineer the funnel to figure out how many people I need to be actively marketing to, to get to those two deals per month. If I close 50% of the people I present to, I need to present to four people. If I close 80% of the people I do a discovery with, I need to do a discovery with five people. If I get to a discovery with 50% of the people I do a first appointment with that means I need to have first appointments with 10 people. And then if I close 50% of my first appointments, that needs means I need to have first interactions with 20 people. let's presume those 20 people were of the 10% that were interested in my marketing materials, which means to get to sales, I need to actively be marketing to 200 people extrapolating that out over the course of 12 months, because we know marketing takes six to nine months actually happen. That means if I want to close two deals a month, I need to be working with 2400 active leads in the database, at least. And by active I mean no bounces. I mean potential opens. I mean people that are somewhat interacting, living, breathing people. So sometimes your lead list needs to be even bigger than that, to weed out those no shows "