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Introduction to Marketing

When you hear the word Marketing, do you cringe? How has marketing (or lack thereof) affected your ability to close? Could you fit more first appointments into your schedule? Marketing is the only thing that will get you the right amount of leads to close the right deals to score more cash. This course will get you started in Marketing basics.

Video Transcript

" So when people begin marketing, they have this expectation that all of a sudden people are going to come flocking to their door, that everybody is just going to be so excited about the message that they have to share that they are just going to beat down people's doors to get that message. In all reality, that's not how it's going to work. It takes a lot of time. And it takes a lot of effort to get people to come and listen and hear your message. The reality is, when you put out a message, it might take six to nine months for people to respond. There's a great anecdote that I have of this, one of our clients wanted to run a void campaign. And so we put together a void campaign, it was about eight to nine touches, we did emails, we did mailers, we did phone calls, all to do with this web campaign. And he got nothing, no bites. And he was really ticked off. When he first started. He said, You know, I spent all this money on this campaign, and nothing has come from it. We said 300 600 mailers at a time, nothing was happening. And six to nine months later, he calls me and he goes first, I have to apologize for what he said, well, that campaign that I yelled about, it's working. So well. How do you mean? He said, I have gotten three calls this week about voice, and I've been able to convert them all. You see what happened was when he sent the campaign, there wasn't an active need. Their systems were working just fine. They were totally okay with what was going on. But what happened later, was the local provider went down. And all of a sudden, there was a need, and because we had sent those six to nine touches, people remembered what was happening. So you have to remember when you start marketing, your expectation may be that they're going to come beating down your door, but they won't do that right away. They don't think about you as much as you think about you. Your only job is to pique curiosity enough that when they have an active need, you're the person they call "