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Effective Marketing Campaigns

There are thousands of marketing tactics available, but which ones should you spend your time on? Crafting the right campaign is critical to your success.

Video Transcript

" marketing campaigns should never be one shot wonders, we recommend multi media for each and every one of our campaigns. Why? Because people interact with media in different ways. And it will appear as redundant if you start to break things up. So this is how we typically like to roll it will send an email or a letter, something outbound to these people, then if it's an email, we'll follow up in about two days. If it's a mailer, we wait about five days allow it to appear at their doorstep, before you start calling them and asking about it, then we'll continue the process moving forward, we like to do about nine to 10 touches over the course of a quarter, you can plan all of these touches out in advance, or you can plan them as you go along based on open rates. But you want to make sure all of these touches occur within that timeframe. And they're also really important to tie to a central theme, a central basis where you're not just pushing out random bits of information. This is important so that you abide by the rule of touches. And this is important to you by by the rule of timing, regardless of what you choose to do is the topic of your campaign, make sure that it can speak in multimedia, how are you going to follow up on a call? What mailer makes the most sense? Could you put a lumpy mailer in this type of campaign? And will my emails be interesting enough, all of those things are going to be critical to developing a successful campaign. Need some help creating campaigns, we've got plenty of content available for you. You can choose what type of campaign you want to do, you can choose the topic and we will put together all of those pieces and components to make sure it's going to run successfully. "