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Overcoming Objections

At the end of your presentation, you're going to encounter objections. The key is knowing how to combat un-welcomed objections throughout the sales process so that they don't even come up, and answering welcomed objections with confidence.

Video Transcript

" You guys got to be ready for the challenges when you ask for the money. When it comes to clothes, you're gonna get objections. Here's what you're gonna get. I want to think about it. Right? Most Popular whenever that cost too much money. That's a heck of a lot more than we pay now. I got to talk this over with my staff. Can you take this piece out? How about this one? Can you break out everything individually so I can see what each piece costs? Guys? these objections are very common. Now I'm not saying we get them all. But every single time we quote a deal. One of those objections pop up. How about this one? We don't do three year agreements. Popular One, two. So rather than just sit here and hope that we don't get them even though we've got them every single time. strategize, figure out what your answers are. How are we going to address the ones that need to be addressed? So they're not addressed as being self serving. But more client focused. Okay. How do we seek to understand why they have these objections? And how do we prevent some of these objections from even coming up in the presentation? That's all part of this strategy. Guys, we know objections are coming. Let's not just sit here wait and hope that they don't. But they are coming "