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Proper Account Management: Technology Business Reviews

After you get the client to sign on the bottom line, the implementation project begins. After that, the client transitions to the service delivery team, and everything flows smoothly, right? Not exactly. You need to remain engaged with your clients through proactive account management, meeting with them on a regular basis to discuss current performance, future planning, and any projects that may be coming down the pike.

Video Transcript

" So guys, there's a huge problem in the IT industry. The challenges is you have all these IT companies that pride themselves on what we call permissions to play. They talk about how good they can support their clients, how great their helpdesk is how smart their people are. They talk about how fast they can respond, how many people are certified the servers that they fix the administration that they provide, but I gotta tell you, this is turning into a commodity. Okay, and if we want to get to the next level with our clients, we have to think of all of that stuff. as just the permissions to play nothing more. And we got to take it up another level, we have to start thinking about business development for our clients, we need to start thinking more about the CIO type services. Because you got to remember, they are hiring our companies in lieu of bringing in an IT professional on staff. So in your head, you need to think about what does that IT guy do? not your typical slap it guy, I'm talking about what would a true IT professional CIO, CTO type position due for this client. And we got to do these through these technology business reviews. Now. I hear it time and time again, Alex, I've tried to do these reviews with people, they just don't want it. I've tried to talk to them and tell him how important it is that we meet every quarter. But I just can't seem to show up to the meeting. Well, guys, that happens a lot. And the reason it happens is because they've seen these happen before you got over there, you showed up, you probably did one. And you went through some tickets. And you talked about how well you support it on. Maybe you talked about a problem or two. But what you did not pay attention is how do I move this company forward with technology? How do we have these types of discussions, I promise you, you start having these types of discussions with people, they're going to look forward to these technology business reviews. Okay, now, my past experience, I've had reviews that we used to do every quarter, I've had them that we had to do every month, how I even had them that we had to do every two weeks, depending on the size of the client and when their leadership meetings were. Your goal here is to protect this client, if there are threats in their industry showing up. This is where you bring them up. If there are threats in the infrastructure or or levels that are being reached as far as capacities or resources. This is where we bring this kind of stuff up. When you start actually bringing perceived value to these meetings, you're going to find out that they want to meet with you and there's nothing that's going to strengthen your relationship more than talking about things other than what you have done for them. So these next couple of videos, we're going to talk about how to structure a tvr what to do, what not to do, who to bring, what to say what not to say and what to do after the TPR is over. You perfect these technology business reviews. Not only are you going to retain more clients, but you're gonna have a much higher perceived value with them. "