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First Appointment

You're having your first meeting with the prospect. Your goal is to close on the Discovery. This is not the time to spill your guts about what you can do for them. You are simply seeking to understand their challenges and begin to uncover their pain points.

Video Transcript

" Okay, we're at the clients appointment. We've shaken hands. And we know according to our sales process, our goal is to close on a network assessment or close on a discovery of what we're going to be quoting on. Guess what? There's some challenges. These are the most common things you're going to run up against that you need to strategize for, and figure out how to prevent them from coming up. Number one, they may not want you on their machines. They may not know who you are, what you're capable of, it's not like 1995, when you had a pocket protector on you are the God of it. And you could walk into any business anywhere, and they would give you keys to the building keys to the server room, any password that you needed, and they would just leave you alone. People are very, very protective about allowing anybody on their network. So we have to we have to get past that. Number two, that damn industry has screwed us again, the IT industry has screwed us once again. All this marketing about free assessments, your prospects going to say you know what, I've already had three it guys here, you want to just look at one of these assessments that I've had done already. And number three, hey, I already know all about our network. We have this we have that the customer telling you what's going on. Or you guys have done this enough. You know, we got 20 systems, we got a couple servers, you've been in business a long time, so I don't waste your time. You don't waste my time. roughly what are we looking at for a price? These are the things you're going to come up against when you're trying to get access to do the discovery. Be prepared for them. Know that they're going to come up and strategize against preventing them from coming up. "