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Introduction to Human Resources

You didn't sign up to be the master of human resources when you started your MSP, but the minute you planned to hire that first employee, that role became real. Here is your 101 course into the realm of human resources to get you started.

Video Transcript

" So let's talk about HR. A lot of our members get stuck and trying to figure out where they should start. Whether it's hiring good people, whether it's starting with a handbook, this is where we'll kind of set the record straight. Number one, it's important to start with a specific purpose. You have to ask yourself, what's your HR doing? Is it simply there to fire people? Is it simply there to recruit people? Or is it to get you out of trouble? That's one thing you need to think about from the onset is what is the purpose of your HR HR. Next, you need to think about who's helping you. One place where people get stuck often as they take unqualified advice from people who say they've got a lot of experience, but at the end of the day, they really don't. So make sure that you see qualified counsel, just like this. We're here to help you and make sure that you get exactly what you need when it comes to HR. Another place where members get stuck is trying to figure out when HR is necessary. One thing you can remember is from the moment you start your business as a single man shop, a single proprietor and owner operator, you technically need HR as you are the company's first employee. Now, another place where members seem to get stuck is figuring out well do I need HR when I start to hire somebody? That's one place you want to consider. And that's a great place to engage your qualified counsel to ascertain whether your first employee or your your subcontractor or your contractor needs the help of a little HR practice. Another place where members get stuck is trying to figure out what kind of help they need. So what do they do? They Google for help, and they end up finding somebody who's probably not very qualified. If you're going to see qualified counsel, be sure to ask for references, make sure that they work inside your industry. There's no such thing as one HR rule fits all. On top of that, make sure that the people that are working in your industry actually know what they're doing. So make sure that you seek qualified counsel and set your purpose for what your HR is intended to do. Make sure these things never move. These are the fundamentals of beginning with HR "