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Essentials for Human Resources

Are you prepared to handle your day to day HR challenges? This Essentials for Human Resources course covers the topics you need to meet key HR challenges that are relevant to you and your company.

Video Transcript

" So let's talk about the most googled HR document that most people wouldn't admit to using, which is the employee handbook. The employee handbook is in and of itself one of the biggest paper document liabilities you can find inside of any human resources environment. Why? Because the employee handbook is the biggest non human entity inside of an employer environment that upholds and adheres to basic standards and operating procedures, according to what that business expects to define as minimum conduct guidelines and expectations. So let's talk about how an employee handbook is most useful. Number one, it outlines some basic operational standards as to what is most acceptable inside your environment, and what is not acceptable inside your environment. This is a perfect opportunity for any business owner operator to clearly outline what kind of conduct what kind of business practice and furthermore, which kind of rules and regulations, even your core values are going to guide and principle, each action for every employee inside your environment. Another place where your employee handbook can be most useful is in labor disputes, and litigation and mediation. Now, the big reason why it's important to have a good employee handbook, even a starting handbook is oftentimes counsel on both sides of the complaint, are going to ask for an employee handbook. Because as we've made mentioned, it defines the minimum standards, the cultural standards and the values of the company. And it will arbitrate that against what the claim is being made against the company. So it's important to understand and labor disputes, or anytime a lawyer calls you asking for an employee handbook, chances aren't because an action of yours in the past is being questioned in the present. Another place where an employee handbook can be most useful is in using subcontractors to augment your employees while on the job. Now, the reason we bring this up is because in the United States and in most territories, subcontractors are covered and guarded against discrimination in the workplace, and including sexual harassment and bullying while on the job. So it's important to know the next time you bring out a subcontractor, it may be important for them to review and understand what your principles are, what your core values are when it comes to understanding what you will take and what's not acceptable in your workplace. Remember, your employee handbook is going to be a quiet, dignified voice to employees and subcontractors while on the job. It's going to be a constant, understanding what the values are of your business what your operational conduct expectations are. And it's important to remember this because even in the absence of qualified help, it's important to know that this document will be referenced time and time again. "