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Fundamentals of Post-Hire Process

Video Transcript

" So let's talk about processing a new hire. It's an exciting time when you think you're just about ready to hire somebody, and then you start thinking about the details, the documentation and think, boy, I need to hire an HR guy, right? I'm gonna take some of the sting out of that, because it's really not very complicated. Something to remember when you're doing new hire documentation is don't overthink it. And the second thing to think about is don't Google. Whatever you do, Google is not good. Why is HR counsel, it's simply a search engine, and it should not be your go to place for documents, especially when it comes to human resources. But I'm going to walk you through a few bullet points. As I go through these things. Remember, be mindful of your federal, state, and even your province. Be very mindful of where you're sitting and where you're standing and where you're doing business. As to understanding what's necessary for you to make sure all of your HR documents are lined up and ready to go. For the United States, new hire onboarding should include the following. Number one, include an employee information sheet with a wage and sick accrual time methods listed there in that's in federal law in the United States of America. And you'll want to make sure that your employee information sheet is listed clear and concise and should be bright at page one. The next page you'll want is an employee emergency contact sheet. This is so important to have more than just one contact, not because grandma is not the most reliable, but it's simply because two contacts with home and cell numbers ensures that in the event that your employee has an emergency, you'll be armed and ready to go to let the next of kin know what's going on. Next is your federal tax form. Now remember, this is for the United States. So we have a form for pretty much everything. And when it comes to new hires, we're looking for W four forms. This lets us know how to withhold federal taxation for new hires as they come in the building. Next is having a confidentiality and non disclosure agreement listed inside your new hire packet. Now make sure that you clearly understand this is simply to ensure that what is disclosed while on the business of the employer remains confidential. This means trade secrets. This could be client lists or anything that's privy just to the uniqueness of your employer environment. The next form that you'll want to have is a direct deposit authorization or a waiver as the situation dictates. Some people may want their earnings directly deposited in their bank account. And based upon what your payroll standards are, you're going to want either their authorization on file, electing that all of their wages go to a specific area or a waiver as it were ensuring that they have a paper check every two weeks. Now let's talk about a document that seems to be thrown into almost every new hire packet. And it's always used when an employee seems to leave. That's all Unfortunately, not applicable in the eyes of the law. And that's a non compete agreement. Now, this is a hot button subject at HR firms, HR symposiums and conferences around the world, especially here in the US, because in the US, we seem to think that because you signed a non compete with me, that you won't be able to go and get hired by my competition, when in fact, the law doesn't work that way. lawyers and attorneys are defending former employees often in cases here and abroad, and ensuring that they are able to continue to earn a living with the type of career path they've chosen for their profession. That's one thing judges are starting to tell people when they go to court is that you can't keep somebody from earning. And unfortunately, that's the hard and fast truth. Non competes are not as enforceable as they used to be. Unfortunately, the day has come and gone where people were honored by the handshake and the promise they'd give a former employer by saying I promise I won't. And nowadays, it seems to be that a lot of people are out for themselves. So you'll want to make sure that you seek legal counsel and ensuring that you're not outside the confines of the law, by asking your employees to sign a non compete. There are certain states inside the union that don't allow them. So by you endorsing that. And by asking an employee to commit to it. You're outside the confines of the law. So let's say you've gotten past some of the preliminary documentation, you've gotten past all the good details now I need to move forward and in preparing for their first day. One thing you'll want to do for critical positions, and that's really just where you'd want to find this next step is in critical positions is in running a background check. Now, people ask me often should I run a background check for my dispatcher? Should I run a background check for my receptionist? And you know, there's no easy answer to that. But I can give you what works and what most HR professionals give counsel on which is this for staff level positions mean Those people who are not in constant contact with personal health care information access to health care data, even financial information while on the job, it may not be prudent for them to have a background check. But I'll tell you this, their drug screen will absolutely speak volumes. In today's environment, background checks can be a little invasive to timeframes, they may take a little longer than you'd want to in the in the pre hire process. Frankly, they take a little bit of time, but our drugs can be done very quickly. So ensure that your staff level positions in the pre hire process, if they're not being done a background check, make sure that they're being done a drug check, because frankly, that drug screen is gonna speak a volume louder than the background check and tell you, however, for those physicians who are staff level, who do come in contact with financial information, healthcare information, even proximity to data, while on the job, ensure that they're having not only a background check done for their state, but you can also make sure that their drug screen is also done at the same time. A lot of services provide these things in unison, and you may be able to find one in your local community. Now for management level positions, the rules don't change, they just evolve just a little bit for management level positions. And I mean, service manager, sales manager, especially finance manager, operations manager, any management role, I want to know more about their background to ensure that I'm not bringing a potential lion in to watch the lambs. So specifically, the management roles are going to be appropriate at a 50 state background check, I want to make sure that they're not only good here, but they were good abroad too. Because after all, pretty much anybody can move from one place to another, and try to restart their life. And it's better for me to find these things out now. And to be completely surprised by it later. Now, for those people who've committed to a 50 state background check, you'll also want to ensure that they're committing to a drug screen. The big reason why drug screens are so important in management positions is because these people are going to be affected change, they're going to be affecting strategy in our business. And it would be a perfect environment for a hypocrite to surface. So it's good to know these things now. Learn your local laws, learn your regional expectations. Look up with your local Small Business Administration to perhaps take a course on what is good and what is bad when it comes to understanding the drug screen. Because the more you know, as an employer, the stronger you'll be in operating. Now for those executive positions. And we're talking about if you have chief and the first part of your title or officer and the last part of it, and chances are you're going to be an executive hired into a position. And if we're hiring for that, the rules absolutely need to change for a person at that level. Now, if you're an executive, and you've submitted them to a 50 state background screen, but you're also looking at sending them for a drug test, there's one other elements that you can add, and most retailers who do background checks will also provide this service to ensure that you have a little peace of mind. And that's the sex offender registry list. It's important to know that an executive that's coming into our environment has all their ducks lined up. Because from time to time executives are going to come in contact with kids, our families, our children on the job. And although it may be just comforting to hear that now in a recorded response, but it's also important to understand how to appropriate a response for this if you should get information that would be contrary to your company values. You see our children, they're the ones we work for. Our families are the ones we dig deep for. We'd want to make sure that everybody in our environment is ready to receive this new type of work family, making sure all their ducks in a row from a 50 state background check to a drug screen to a sex offender registry check. Every bit of it needs to be done. "