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One of the central parts of your NOC is Dispatch. Whether you're handling dispatch on your own or it's time to bring someone on board, this is a good first step training for dispatch success.

Video Transcript

" Hi, I'm Kelsey ciders. I'm a classic account manager here at char tech. I'll be talking to you guys about dispatch. And I held the dispatch role for our technology for two and a half years. So I'm going to be talking a lot about my experience and best practices. Dispatch is always an evolution, it typically starts. You're a one man shop, you do everything wear every single hat. Then after you make your first hire, typically a tech, they start handling dispatch, taking all the calls, all the emails that come in triage, then once they get to the point where it's overwhelming to continue doing everything, we'll bring in an admin person, it's typically a hybrid role. And from there, they were those many hats, doing the dispatch, doing the triage, doing office work, making the appointments, etc. From there, that's really when you make the call of is it time to hire a full time dispatcher And typically, it is easier to do when you have 543 Tech's versus the team of 13 that way we can establish ground rules early on. It's important to set ground rules early. This is what you expect for your team to communicate with your clients and your clients to communicate with you. "