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Service Leadership

Leading a company isn't easy, especially when it's time to grow. This course will cover how to create a work-life balance, when and who to hire, and more!

Video Transcript

" Hey guys, Rex Frank here with C level operations. I want to talk just a couple of minutes about the importance of unplugging. And there's a lesson that I learned probably back in the 1990s. where, you know, I was busy at work, busy work, and my brother was going on a houseboat trip and the family that was going with them back down at the last minute, and he called me said, Hey, can you come? And from a business perspective? I probably should have said no. But I went ahead and said yes. And I went on this houseboat trip, it was a nine day thing. And I learned a lot about unplugging. I was in my middle 20s, something like that. I went on this houseboat trip. And I was stressed, you know, I had the big Motorola cell phone, you know, the one with the clips in it has a cord connecting to this big brick thing. And I brought that with me and I brought my big Motorola pager so that I could stay in contact. And we went up to Lake Shasta and we got in the houseboat and started up the lake. And one very long before all of that stuff stopped working. And it probably contributed to a little bit of stress that I was going to be out of contact with the office. But had I you know, I'd have to say it. You know, if we left on Sunday, I think it took me till about Wednesday or Thursday to really feel comfortable that my whole plan for the day was to throw the inner tube out in the water and float. And I'll never forget, it was on Thursday, that the beep on the microwave made exactly the same beep tone that my big Motorola pager made. And I'm sure I heard during that week that microwave beep 20 times. But for some reason on that Thursday, I felt that stress, just shoot for my tailbone straight up my back into my neck. It's just like, it just came back all with this big shock. And, you know, that was a moment for me like, Oh my gosh, I'm carrying that stress with me every day at work. And I don't even notice it. And it took me a good four or five days to calm down enough to even realize I was carrying that stress. So this house boat trip really taught me a lot. It taught me that it's important to not just turning a two day weekend into a three day weekend or a four day weekend. But actually taking that good seven, nine to 12 days off at least once a year to let your body decompress. Because you're carrying that stress at work your employees feel it, you feel it. And in many cases your clients will feel it but when you come back and you do actually decompress you, it gives you an ability to come back to work with sort of a new energy and that that new energy that you come back with is just going to permeate through your whole organization. "