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Getting the Most Out of Your Master Billing Agreements

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Video Transcript

" Hi, my name is Tina Egger. I am with art technology and tech LLC. I am the accounting specialist. And today we're going to go over what agreement types art technology uses for their agreements. Art technology uses two types of agreements. We have broken them down into two sections. So we have our ms agreement full and Ms agreement assist. And each of those will contain their own addendums. Ms agreement falls our first category that is takes up 90% of art technologies agreements. Ms agreement fully covers full services. So we do remote support on site support, hardware support, anything that the client may need, it is covered without charge outside of their normal agreement amount. We have the agreement assess that as our second type. This one is a little less common because our clients need full services. But we do have a handful that do you need just specific support, they may have their own on site it so we just handle their backups. So for our sister agreements that would consist of our BDR only our telephony hardware or support, we have our securities, our reflection only, and we even have a few that were just servicing for licensing products and monitoring their licensing for them. We basically leave it down to these two types of groups. And with those two types with the MS agreement full, it is automatically paired with the addendum full. As a quick FYI, the MS agreement full is paired with the addendum full as well as the syst addendum is paired with the agreement assist, we do not interchange that is just one big rule that keeps it all uniform with that our technology is able to monitor and we're able to track and audit our agreements with a smoother, faster way instead of having multiple agreement types. If you have any other questions on the agreement types or any types of agreements. Here we're able to access this information on the course site or you're able to call chart tech LLC and contact the accounting department and we'll be able to walk you through any questions you may have. "