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Video Transcript

" Hi, everybody, welcome really excited to have you with us today. And I'm especially excited to have the CEO of time zest jiawei with us today. Welcome zhaowei. Thank you appreciate it. All right. Absolutely. You know, so we really wanted to bring joy in into this little webinar to show you guys a tool that we found has been a huge help for us in our, in our MSP. As many of you have probably had this issue before, as you're whether you're self dispatching, or you're dispatching, you have a dedicated dispatcher, one of the biggest difficulties going back and forth is trying to set a time with a customer. So you have something scheduled, you're calling up the customer, you get that, you know, you may or may not even be able to get ahold of them, you're going back and forth, you finally get a time set. Your engineer then calls it that time, and they're already on to something else, or they forgot about the appointment. Or even worse, you're going back and forth in email, trying to get this scheduled. And it's really frustrating for everybody. I think it's probably one of the biggest reasons why I've heard tech say, hey, dispatch sucks. We hate the dispatch process, because of all this back and forth. And so I want to show you guys today, something that that fairways company has put together that integrates right into Connect wise, and just makes your life so much better. So I'm going to go ahead and show you this product is called times asked. And I just have opened up a just a sample ticket here in my Connect wise that's tied to my DK Martini account. And this is just my my standard ticket that needs to be scheduled. So I know that the next thing that needs to happen is I need to get somebody scheduled for going on site. So instead of going through this typical process of of calling and emailing that we were talking about, I have a pod that's been installed into by connectwise called times ask. And so now I need to figure out who do I need to schedule for this particular issue. So I could pick a particular tech, I could pick a team. So it could be anybody on the support team, it could be maybe it's my level three team, or in this case, maybe it's just somebody in the operations team that I want to schedule. And then I have a selection of different appointment types. In this case, I want to go ahead and schedule an in person appointment for one hour. So somebody needs to go on site to to go ahead and resolve this issue, then we've got all kinds of different types that we can create, we can create as many of these as we want. And I'll show you a little bit more about that here in a minute. So then all I have to do select my resources, select my appointment type, and then hit schedule. So what that's going to do is go ahead and send an email to this customer, which in this case is Dan Martini, and is going to advise them that we want to go ahead and schedule an appointment. So let's see if my email has popped up here. So now you can see I've got an email here from our technology, which is letting me know that the operations team would like to find a time for a one hour appointment regarding their ticket. So all I have to do now as the end user is click Choose a time. So as I choose a time, it's going to bring up the information for that and look for anybody in that operations team and find what is the earliest time that I have available. So in this case, you can see for Thursday, July 20, I've got three o'clock available for this person, I could also select a different date and go find something else if I wanted to see if there's anything that's available on the 31st I want to go ahead and take that nine o'clock slot. So now by clicking the nine o'clock slot is going to be for one hour, I go ahead and hit confirm. And now as the customer I have confirmed the time that that we're going to go ahead and make this appointment so it lets me know that this is has been done. And now if I pop back over into my Connect wise we will see here, go ahead and refresh this and we get the spinning wheel of death here for a moment. Go ahead and tell this I don't care. Alright, so now you can see that that was automatically scheduled for the first available person for Daniel Martin is as a resource for Friday at from nine o'clock to 10am. So that whole process was is able to be taken care of very very, very easily. Now I want to show you a couple things here about those appointment types. I just Cuz that's all you have to do at this point, they could reschedule, the customer could reschedule, we've got all these different kinds of options that we can. But I want to show you. Let's see here, if I go over to this, and I just want to look at my appointment types really quick and look at that in person appointment that I had set up. So as we can see the details was I call this an in person appointment. Now this is from the configuration, that administrator would set up four times us. And I can give it a name that the customer sees, if I want it to be something different, how long it's going to be, I can ask them or require them to put in a phone number, which can also be a very handy thing. I've got all different kinds of options for the scheduling. So in this case, I don't want to allow somebody to schedule a in person appointment in less than 24 hours. And I want to make sure that there's a 30 minute buffer before and after, after any other types of appointments that we have. We can set up video calling URL based scheduling, which I'll talk about later. How are we going to allow them to reschedule or cancel? What notification emails? Are they going to get? Can I can change the template? And then I can set up in as far as inside of Connect wise, is this going to be an in house or remote and is it firm or tentative. So it gives me some of these really cool options to be able to very, very quickly with just a matter of a couple clicks schedule a resource, and it's at the customer's convenience. And another thing I'll mention is that in that follow up, when they go back to their, their their confirmation email, then they can also add that to their calendar. So you can see now that this that my my user has been given that the confirmation for for them to go ahead and add this into their own calendar. So now they're not going to forget that they've been scheduled for this time that they already they already have an agreement with the with the dispatcher or the person who's scheduling to make sure that they're going to be available for that time. So it gives us a just kind of a really quick example of how we can walk through these, these processes to very quickly schedule something. So what did I miss gerrae. So I know, you know, we've been using this for a little bit of time a little bit longer with with char tech. And now I'm just scratching the surface. What are some other cool things that that we've got available for us inside of time zest? Well, I'll tell you what, you don't need me, Dan, you've got this thing figured out. That was a great run through, you've got it, you understand this addition. So you know, I guess the only thing that might make some sense then is to drill into the team scheduling you did, which is pretty cool. Even for small teams, there can be some value in this because the moment you start adding additional members into the mix of who your end clients can book with, the better off you're going to do to provide more availability the end client, right. And then number two, we start solving part of the utilization problem that is so key to dispatch, the dispatch process and an MSP, which is when we've got multiple team members that can resolve an issue is called tier one text, it can resolve an issue, we don't want to be in a situation where one of them has two hours of work one day, right. And in that same day, another person has 10 hours of work. We want to keep those things balanced. And so what we do with times as is, we can programmatically figure that out, we can basically say, hey, if these two people are available at this exact time that client wants to book, let's now pick based upon their availability based upon, you know, who has the least amount of work that day. And so then we book it with the person with the least amount of work, we help you fill up your utilization for the document. That's a big part a big part of Team scheduling, and very cool. Yeah, and something else talk tell us a little bit about the like URL generator, I think that's a really cool thing that a lot of people may not be familiar with, or, you know, be leveraging at this point. Sure, absolutely. So it's our means to basically address the bookings type of functionality. So, you know, everyone in the MSP industry has access to bookings and has access to it for free. But the question becomes, so why should you you know, use bookings versus time jest and where does time just excel in the place that we Excel is around the fact that we integrate to everything and connect wise manage, and in the future will integrate? PSA so our goal is to really focus on your business process. And at the end of the day, one of the key processes we have is that if someone books time with us, that really should be either an activity or a ticket in Connect wise. And so what we do in those situations where you will Want to share URL and allow someone to book a 30 minute meeting with you like it's a sales call related thing, or you have a one off call with a vendor that you need to do, you can send a static URL, which Dan is showing here perfectly, basically a sales call for 15 minutes in the URL generator, that first URL link is a static link. Right? So you see it there with Yeah, that's the one that very first one, and you can just copy it from there and share it in email signatures, in ad hoc meeting requests that you have an email that you want to send off and just say, hey, book time with me. And what happens is in the background, this particular appointment type, the sales call, is configured to create an activity or creative. Yep, there, you go down a little bit in the middle of the screen is that URLs based scheduling? There you go. Alright, so that defines the URL slug for the particular meeting type, and then we give you some controls around how you set up that activity when it comes in or the ticket. So there's a lot of detail around that. But just know, you can create a template or an activity and we've got some configurations you can work with to to get it set up. There you go. Yeah, so it's really cool to be able to have seen several people using this with, you know, for the sales people to have in their email, you know, schedule some time on my calendar. One thing I really like about this as well, is one of the people that we find are usually some of our, maybe our biggest offenders to, to keeping their stuff inside of connectwise our sales people, right. So because this is tied right into Connect wise and the activities, the way that we're trying to have them do it, one of the biggest problems, people say, well, it's really hard for me to schedule something, I'm trying to do a meeting request out of Outlook, and then it's an outlook and then I don't want to copy this information over because I'm losing it. And this really eliminates that whole issue, to where they can schedule it, it's going to create that account or create that activity. If the person doesn't exist, it's going to create that contact create that company directly inside of Connect was. Yep, you got it. Cool, big deal. I think the big thing that we're focused on is we just we understand the business process at an MSP. And, you know, another example is something we do that you won't get in bookings or calendly, like kind of product is we know that status changes need to happen on service tickets, when you go through these stages of booking time with a client, when they book time with you, the status needs to change, it has to change, if you don't want me to go in there attack, I'm gonna go in there and go toggle that status. So we change it for you on a bunch of different events throughout the lifecycle of a ticket. That's, that's one of the big things that we do that is all focused on the business process side and then MSP. You know, there was another thing that you were showing there to Dan, with regards to the URL generator screen, there was that second hyperlink. And that second hyperlink is intended to be workflow based. So we all know how to how connectwise manage has workflows in it. And effectively, what you're able to do now with our our system combined with workflows is with that bottom link, we actually allow you to just copy in and directly injected into a workflow rule in connectwise. So you can effectively have a scenario where you aren't even having the dispatcher have to do anything to the ticket, you can automatically put in a particular status. Or when you put in a particular type subtype or item, you can trigger a notification on the client that says, hey, we got your ticket, we've categorized it, we know in this kind of a situation, we always need to have let's call it a 15 minute phone call with you or a 30 minute phone call. And this hyperlink will then be included in that notice. And you can just say click this link, select a time that works for you. And we'll get you booked on on the schedule. So it's it's been a game changer for a lot of our clients is the entire game about availability and complaints of availability that clients can have around, you know, the Help Desk team being as responsive as they'd like. Absolutely. So I'm curious, what have you been? What have you found with a lot of your customers as far as how much time they're saving? I'm going to the is is astronomical and I know that probably people won't believe you until they really start playing with it. But what are what are some of the reports that you? Yeah, I mean, I think dispatch just going through the process of a one time going back and forth and in email, ping pong. You know, it's five to 10 minutes per ticket oftentimes to get it scheduled and then sometimes it's more so You know, call it an easy 10 minute average to get a single ticket, on average booked with an end client. Those are the kinds of numbers we're seeing. We actually on our website have a ROI calculator, we basically say, how many team members you have that are dealing with booking each week? How much time are they spending? And you know, what's a kind of rough cost for those individuals? And we calculate it for you, we give you an RL ROI right off of our site. Yeah, that's really the other the other important thing I guess I should I should mention there, Dan, is we've got a free plan to. And we're all about the free plan, because we were just looking to help people get a confident that our paid plans add value, but someone wants to use our free plan, you can jump on that and use it for as long as you'd like. Yeah, it's actually it's really cool. I just had actually just implemented this with one of our clients, one of our tech clients. And the problem that they were having is dispatcher does a great job at dispatching. But the the difficulties, the engineer, were there in the middle of something and they need to do a follow up, they're not allowed to reschedule themselves. So we simply use the free plan, just for the text to reschedule themselves to start with. So they can, you know, go ahead and put that in there. So it looks at their next availability, leverage that workflow, it needs to be rescheduled workflow goes ahead and sends it out for the person who's assigned for it. And then you're good to go. It's a pretty, it's really, really powerful. And like he says, the free plan. So, you know, I have no question that as soon as they use the free plan, they're probably going to want to use all the rest of the some of the functionality, but it is it's very powerful, even in the free version. So we're happy to have people using the free version. Yeah, absolutely. So hopefully, if anybody has, we should have some opportunities there and the chat window, if you have any questions, to go ahead and ask any of those questions I know a couple of them have come in. And so we're going to go ahead at this point. And thank you very much for for being with me here. It's been a few minutes to talk about this product. As you know, you know, I don't ever, you know, talk about a product that we don't use that we don't believe in. So I'm really glad that after how I don't know how long that you guys have been saying, Hey, have you taken a look at this, and I never really got around to it. And I wish I had about a year ago would have saved me a lot of heartache. But really glad to have you with us today and to be a part of the HR tech family. And so with that, we're going to go ahead and take a look at any questions that you have that we can answer. Already. So we got. So you started with jack had a had a question on adding external resources and how you would look if there's some kind of schedule poll or voting to work with us like a client and external resources. So that one's beyond major. We haven't gotten that far. Deep. Yeah, no problem at all. How's the audio? I residential internet is the worst. So. Right. Yeah, you seem to be doing you seem to be doing pretty well, a couple blips here, but okay. All right. Sounds good. We'll try to make this work. So with regards to that, you know, I asked that follow up question about are they contractors in Connect wise manage, it looks like Jack's responses, it doesn't look like they are. So in that case, you know, we're going to struggle a little bit because we don't have access to their calendar availability. But it is something that we have heard about, it's requested gotten from others. And there's a feature from, from Microsoft that has this kind of ability. It's a fine time, I believe is the name of the product. And so we're looking at trying to replicate some of that functionality down the road. Very cool. Heather had a question about adding a conference bridge into the invite. That was one thing that I kind of kind of went over kind of skipped the like the video conferencing or adding in like a team's invite, or into the invite conference room stuff. Yep, absolutely. So you know, our Yeah, our integration that we just released, we actually released it this week working on it right now is the ability to integrate to teams sessions. So video conference could be included and we would fire it off as the request goes out. When that meeting gets booked. We put the actual team session in the calendar request. Very cool. Yeah, I'm excited about about using that one. Another good question. Here was a can the customer request a recurring meeting? Yeah, that's an interesting one. In, you know, these are ones where I'd love to be able to ask some follow up questions like, what's the use case? What's the scenario here. So, you know, understanding that use case would be helpful today, we don't do that. But we really just haven't been presented with that use case where recurring, what needs to be set up off of a service ticket session or something of that nature. So everything that we're supporting today is ad hoc, if you want to send out, you know, a meeting request for a sales prospect, you can do that with the static URLs, those shareable URLs we covered. And then these other use cases, we're primarily talking about are working off of a service ticket to get resolution. Now, you know, if you need to have follow up sessions off of a given service ticket, that's one thing we didn't really show. But you can send multiple scheduling requests off of a service ticket, and they'll just kind of stack up. So if you end up going from like a tier one person, you need to be scheduled for 30 minutes, and then you need to escalate to tier two. And it's not a live handoff. You could do a scheduled escalation at a later point. And that person, that second tier two person could be added to the ticket and then scheduled there to very cool. Yeah, and Dylan had made a comment. He thought it was slick, and the workflows have been great for, quote, follow up. So absolutely. All right. Yeah. So I think that covers questions. One. Yeah. wanted to make sure everybody knows the times There. They've got the different plans are sitting out there, I believe. I believe Don't you have a little special something for chart tech members as well? Yep, we do. We're doing 10% off for the first year for Chuck tech numbers. Cool. Yeah. And I've found as I as I mentioned, I think I think it pays for itself about the about the first two days that you're using it. So it's a really awesome product. So I want to thank everybody for joining with us today. Especially when, again, thank you Jerry way for spending some time with me here today. I hope this has been a benefit for everyone and go give it a trial. You'll get the full featured thing when you try it out for 14 days, seven days, something like that. And I think you'll fall in love with it like we have. Awesome. Thanks, Dan. Scrape chat with everyone. All right. Have a great day, guys. "