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Video Transcript

" We've been training msps how to sell and manage their businesses for nearly 10 years. Now we're upgrading that training, providing you with more interactive tools that join you in business every day. Core, char tech, online resources and education. Notifications. Your salesperson is about to present a deal but only has a 50% chance of closing. The training you assigned to your dispatcher is still sitting undone Three weeks later, your lead tech hasn't even looked at a standard operating procedure recently. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a business tool that not only kept track of this information but notified you of any red flags that pop up? Welcome to charter and welcome to core forces. Or what happens if you train your people and they leave. But what happens if you don't train your people and they stay? You have tons of options when it comes to training, you can have people shadowed, you can send them to generic trainings that may subtly hit on your industry. Or you can learn from a 25 year plus MSP get full sales, marketing operations, HR and finance trainings, all specifically for msps at your fingertips. Our curriculum is now available in short, digestible chunks, organized in specific courses and complete with quizzes to make sure you and your people retain everything you need them to learn. Crystal Ball you've just stayed up all night working on a proposal for a huge prospect. You think you're ready and you say to yourself, well here goes nothing. Wouldn't it be nice to know how likely you are to close the deal before you even start presenting input information about the decision makers the needs you've uncovered the solution and you're pricing into our sales crystal ball and will tell you your chances of closing don't go into a sales presentation unprepared again, Commission's calculator struggling to figure out how much commission you need to pay for each sale. wanting to know what you're likely to bank when the deal closes. Are commissions calculate calculator allow you to calculate your commission or the Commission for the entire sales team with a few easy steps track Commission's overtime to see how your team is doing. As a working MSP, we face the same struggles you do day in and day out. We've been training people for years about how to take their businesses to the next level. Now it's your turn with core "